The Information Standard

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We are pleased to announce that PAPAA has been certified as a provider of high quality health and social care information by The Information Standard scheme.

We met the scheme criteria of producing safe and reliable health and social care information. The organisation has consequently been awarded The Information Standard quality mark, which can be displayed on our literature and website illustrating to the public that the information can be trusted.

According to a survey carried out by The Information Standard, the majority of the general public (72%) believe that they would be better able to manage their own and their family’s health if they had quick and easy access to health information they could trust. The Information Standard, which is supported by the Department of Health, was launched to provide this kind of assurance.

Angela Coulter PhD, Hon FFPH, Hon FRCGP, an independent healthcare analyst who advises on the scheme, commented: “Organisations that become certified members of the scheme, and therefore display The Information Standard quality mark on their health information or social care materials, have proven that they adhere to the very highest standards of information production. The public can feel confident that if they see The Information Standard quality mark on health and social care websites or leaflets then the information can be trusted and relied upon.”

About the Information Standard

The Information Standard is a certification scheme for health and social care information. It is an independent scheme supported by the Department of Health. Any organisation that produces health and social care information can apply to join the scheme. If an organisation successfully meets the quality criteria of the standard and becomes certified, it can place the quality mark on its materials. The quality mark is a quick and easy way for the public to identify reliable and trustworthy sources of information. The scheme’s certified members are a mix of national charities, NHS organisations, voluntary, statutory and commercial organisations. The scheme is growing as organisations are in the process of gaining certification.





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May 2011