I had psoriasis at the age of 17

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I had psoriasis at the age of 17 , it became really bad that it was painfull and would split, I was given creams and lotions but nothing touched it , I felt everyone was pointing at me and talking about me , then 1 day I discovered Vaseline, I covered myself in it then went into shower got a bic razor blade broke plastic of under the blade and sliced my psoriasis off , I was bleeding a lot and the pain was immense, my girlfriend took me to the doctors fearing my mental state , I was given pills that didn't work now in on a self injection and now no more psoriasis, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND VASELINE BUT I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT SLICING YOUR PSORIASIS OFF.

From a 30 year old male living in England.

Submitted on 30 June 2014

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