Grants Awarded

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The following are projects, which have been awarded and received grants from PAPAA:

Title Who Where Status
Psoriasis Symptom Management Programme Dr Joanne Sanderson, Dr Helen Ricahrds, Dr Donal Fortune, Ms Clare Cassells & Prof Christopher Griffiths University of Manchester Completed
A novel, web-based, psychological intervention for people with psoriasis: the electronic Targeted Intervention for Psoriasis (eTIPs) study Dr Christne Bundy, Ms   Binder Pinder, Dr  Sandra Bucci D. Reeves, Prof Christopher Griffiths, Prof Nicholas Tarrier University of Manchester Completed
Psoriasis in Practice:
Primary care training programme.
Online resource
Prof Alex Anstey, Julie Van Onselen

Academic Dermatology




Cochrane review of Fumaric Acid Esters in psoriasis Dr John Ingram Universtity of Cardiff Completed

Is it feasible for community pharmacists to deliver an educational programme designed to help people with psoriasis self-manage as effectively as possible?

Dr Rod Tucker Hull Completed
Auditory modulation of itch in psoriasis patients. Dr Henning Holle & Dr Fiona Cowdell University of Hull


Examining the association between parental mindfulness in parental and child wellbeing in childhood psoriasis: Should we test mindful parenting as an intervention

Dr Andrew Thompson

University of Shefield Active
Can screening undertaken in the community pharmacy help identify patients who have psoriatic arthritis? Dr Rod Tucker Robert Gordon University Active