Understanding research

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Dr David Ashton MD PhD Medical and Scientific Adviser PAPAA– interpretation of scientific papers for non-scientists

Many of our readers and visitors to the site are very interested in the latest research on psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and innovative treatments.  Sometimes it can be difficult for non-scientists to try and make sense of the significance of a set of results, simply because they are not familiar with the technical terms used.  The other problem is that the media quite often get things wrong and have a tendency to over-state the importance of a particular study, just because it grabs the headlines.  This is why almost every week you can read about a medical “breakthrough” which almost never turns about to be anything of the sort.  

In this series of short articles, PAPAA’s medical adviser, Dr David Ashton, will provide a straightforward guide to help you make your own assessment of a piece of research, rather than relying on the opinions of health journalists with their own agenda.